About MacLaomainn Irish Wolfhounds

I first fell for the breed during my childhood in England. Many of the stables I worked at and visited had an Irish Wolfhound living in the stable environment and I remember them as gentle giants. Unfortunately I seemed to forget them once I moved to Australia and only once I moved to the farm at Nerriga in NSW did I recall the giant hound and decided to search one out for myself.

After much waiting I managed to obtain a beautiful female puppy from the quality Ornumflow stock and went on to show her gaining her Champion Title at 9 months of age. I am now constantly wondering why I didnt remember the breed earlier and not lose all those years that I could have been spending with this magnificent breed.


In 2014 thoughts turned to producing more quality stock and exciting changes are currently in place here at MacLaomainn Irish Wolfhounds.

We aim to produce hounds of quality, focussing on Type Temperament and Health mainly for the MacLaomiann Kennel however we may occasionally have puppies available to select homes only.

The name MacLaomainn was chosen as it’s my family’s original Clan name. This clan descends from the original Scots who crossed the sea from Ireland, where their original name meant "lawgiver"

Pronounced Mac Lu man

There are no blanks, unnamed, or unknown dogs in any of our pedigrees

Rona Moss


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